Permanent makeup in Seattle

Permanent Makeup in Seattle


Who doesn’t like to wake up looking naturally beautiful every day?  Everlasting Beauty Lounge offers natural permanent makeup services in Seattle that include microblading eyebrow techniques, permanent lip color, and more. Permanent makeup services in Seattle refer to a variety of different cosmetic techniques where a trained and certified professional applies pigment to the brows, lips or eyeliner to enhance your natural beauty with a more permanent solution!

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Permanent Makeup Renton

Permanent Makeup in Renton is a cosmetics tattoo treatment in which pigment is deposited into the skin, using either a manual tool or an electrified machine to insert a small proportion of the appropriate color pigment in the required area. The process is carried out by a highly skilled, competent, certified professional. The pigment remains in the skin typically for 18 months or so, although the color may fade due to factors like aging of the tattoo, health, or environment, and eventually retouching will be needed.

Why Choose Permanent Makeup in Seattle?

We at Everlasting Beauty Lounge believe in offering the best services to our clients. Our certified permanent makeup experts are highly dedicated and experienced. All our procedures are gentle, gender neutral, and highly affordable. Our services include:

  • Permanent lip color provides the benefit of attractive lip color to match your complexion. 
  • Providing high-quality microblading, permanent makeup, and lip color services to Seattle customers.
  • Cutting edge techniques are used to blend a natural design to create symmetry for our client’s eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner. 

Caitlin Carey

Caitlin Carey is a certified permanent makeup artist and the founder of Everlasting Beauty Lounge in Seattle. Caitlin is a highly knowledgeable professional and has extensive experience in micro pigmentation. She is highly dedicated to her work and believes in a customer-first policy. Clients come first and Caitlin and her team deliver the best, most advanced services.