Powder Brows in Seattle

Do you spend a lot of time drawing on your brows every day? Are you looking for a permanent solution to have the gorgeous eyebrows you desire? Just like powder makeup, powder brows is a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique to create the makeup look for your eyebrows that you desire, but with a more permanent solution! It works great for people in lots of different circumstances, including clients with very little brow hair to those who already have full brows and are looking to add a little extra definition.

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Best services for powdered brows in Tacoma

Powdered brows are done using a shading technique with an electrified machine to deliver the pigment into the skin.

  • Our trained artists use a small needle to inject the pigment into the skin
  • They layer the pixels repetitively to give an illusion that the brows are filled with a pencil
  • The shading is adjusted to keep the brows either more on the natural side or more on the bold side, depending on our client’s taste

Who should get powdered brows?

  • If you draw on your eyebrows every day, powdered brows are a beautiful and hassle-free solution
  • If you have oily skin and cannot go for microblading, you should try our services, especially if you are looking for powdered brows in Tacoma

We use the best material for creating powdered brows for our clients to deliver natural and long-lasting results. Consider our professional services for powder brows in Seattle and forget all your worries related to prepping your eyebrows each day!